Been a long time!!

Dear I have neglected you! FB sort of took over my life these last couple of years. I almost feel like I'm intruding. Wonder how many of the old group still post here? Princess, Sweet chile o' mine and Sweetie......are you here somewhere? I must start finding my way about; all seems so unfamiliar.

I will endeavour to visit once a week. Not a great deal goes on in my life but at my age that's how I like it! I'm off to have a look about and see who and what I can find.
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When can I......

....come out of hibernation then?!!

I, mistakenly, thought that once May had arrived I'd be able to save a few bob/bucks on the gas and electric meters. Instead, I'm still feeding said meters like they were "one-armed bandits".
One slight difference; no chance of a win!!
Today we have howling gales and freezing rain drops the size of hailstones. I'm cwtched up with a winter cardigan and the central heating on almost full. Huh?!! Still things can only get better?

Love to; Teya (happy holiday and take care you xxx) Becki and Ella (hope you're well Princess xxx) Sweet child of mine (get in touch eh?xxx) Tater (hope things are real good in your world xxx).

Hello Pam.How are you my friend? Love to hear from you when you can. Love to Dillard, Wesley and Rachel and special love and God Bless to you, Pam. xxxx

Hiya Misty. Howya doing? Think of you so often. Sent your card; hope it gets to you in time. Take care no. 2 daughter. Loads of love and God Bless. xxxx
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Easter 2009.

This is a "dear diary" entry purely for me to recall at some later date.

Todays Bible Study reading was St. John 19, vs 16-27.

The introductory notes were as follows; Ask God to help you read today's passage as if for the first time ever.

Now, this piece is about the Crucifixion. To try and pretend I've not read/heard about it before was going to be a little difficult, to say the least but I did as I was bid.
I felt all the sadness, horror and anger that you would expect if you read a similar story in the paper today. It was when I reached the last few verses that I truly had
forgotten that, in all the mayhem, Christ showed compassion. His Mother, some other women and John, the disciple He loved were looking on in desperation. Christ
looked at his Mother and said "Dear woman; here is your son" He then said to John "Here is your Mother". As He dies he gives them each other for comfort and

Powerful, powerful stuff.
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Where to start? A couple of months of mixed feelings. Some I may talk about, others I may not. Enigmatic eh?! Just let me say that being a Nanny and a Mother, and this journal being availiable to ? I feel I must tread ever so carefully. Strange really. I'm busting my corsets to have a good moan but am not able to. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!

Enough now! Let's chat about other things. As a family, healthwise, we're all quite well. Had the odd cough and stuff but in the main things are OK. This year has probably been the coldest I can remember for some time. Have had a foot or so of snow which, for our neck of the woods, is an avalanche. Our electric/gas meters are positively eating money. Just don't recall ever having to worry quite so much about the power lasting till the next pay day. An example was two weeks ago. Checked the meter to make sure we'd have enough to last the day, only to find we were down to 67 pence. Cripes! said I!!! Or words to that effect! Luckily our meter cards have an emergency payment on them. This was utilised with much haste!!

I'm not sure how, but I have become involved in Facebook. The up-side is I am in constant touch with my very large (getting larger) family. We haven't fallen out just rather grown apart somehow. Now, without having to pick up the phone, get pen and paper out or go knocking on doors we can "talk". You know how it is? You have no news, nothing much to impart but would just like to say "How ya doing?" Well now we can and it's good.

Things that have happened lately; Niece Claire had her first chikd. Mia-Louise born 6th Jan weighing 9lb 6ozs. She's beautiful. Claire's brother, Christopher, celebrated his 18th birthday. Gemma (another niece) passed her driving test and found love! She's gonna be eighteen this weekend. Don't it just make your heart sing? Graham and I celebrated our 41st Wedding Anniversary. Coo! My darling daughter reached the grand old age of 36! Where on earth do the years go? (My Laddo will be 39 OMG yes 39 this year) The company that Joanne works for, like a lot of others, has had some difficulties. They have cut their staff down somewhat. As a receptionist, Jo stands a good chance of keeping her position. The firm is having to move to a smaller, but much nicer, place. There will be a get-together for the workers, past and present. Get your glad-rags on peeps and enjoy! My sister Debbie has been diagnosed with Diabetes2. Wish her well. My Mumsie has been poorly of late but, in true Welsh dragon fashion, is fighting back magnificently!! Last, but certainly not least; James received a bouquet on Valentines day! We know not from whence they came and I'm dying of curiosity!! Someone, please own up!

Things my lot have to look forward to. Graham and James are off to see Elbow on March 1st. Then Babyeah! on March 20th. Graham is going away to see Dagenham FC week after next at Chesterfield. He'll be away the whole weekend (BooHoo!) Bianca is doing a cross-country trial to see if she's good enough to represent Havering in the Mini London Marathon. If she makes it through to the team, she will run the last 7K of the Marathon and could be on the telly!! WooHoo!!!! Jo has her eveing to look forward to as previously mentioned. As you who read this journal will know, I won't be going anywhere! I'll do what I do best and look after and out-for my darlings.

Well! bored the pants off you lot out there, have I? Try to do it in smaller chuncks in future.

Congratulations go to Beckwah. Well done you! Misty. Know how much you are loved! xx

Pam. Dillard, Wesley and Rachel are always thought of with very much love. God Bless you all. xx

Tater. Love to you and yours. Keep well. xx

Sweetie. Hope you feel good after your holiday. Love'n'hugs. Take care you xx

Sweet child of mine. Where are you? Think of you often. x

That's it then. Love and God bless to you all.
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Happy Christmas......

..... to you all!!

It's been so long since my last post that it would be impossible to "catch you all up"!!!!!

It's almost my bed-time but I felt the need to be close to my Lj pals.

Pam, Dillard, Misty, Wesley and Rachel. I wish you all all the joys of Christmas and a happy and healthy 2009. Love to you all xxx

Tater; how's things in your world these days? Love and God Bless for Christmas and 2009.

Last, but certainly not least; "My three amigos"!!!! Sweetie, love'n'hugs. Hope you have a great time. All the very best for 2009.
Sweet Child of Mine. Wish you all you'd wish yourself for Christmas and 2009.
Princess. I hope all goes really well for you and Ella. May all your dreams come
true and then some. Happy Christmas and a great 2009.

Love and God Bless to you all. xx
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Odds and bobs!!

Where to start? I've been so "not in the mood" to update of late that I'm not sure what I want to say! Be prepared(if you read this) to be bored out of your skull!!

Let's start with holidays. Right! Mum went to Wales three weeks ago. Jo and Bianca had a week in an extremely posh caravan in Clacton last week. Graham is going to visit my brother Douglas in Llanelli in two weeks time. But most importantly James is going to Egypt. I say going as he left around 8.00am this morning, and is still on the ground in England! If a train service could be delayed - it was! I 'phoned him at about 9.00am to wish him a happy holiday and guess what?; he was still trying to get to Docklands to pick up his diving buddies!

Around 2.30pm James 'phoned me. Being a little green, I thought he was in Egypt. Na! That's when he said he was still at Gatwick.  His flight was re-scheduled for 6.30pm. Should have left 2.15pm. Not fair is it?Just hope that when he does eventually reach Sharm that it will all be worth it. (Sweetie will shout a resounding "Yes", I'm sure).

Strange for James to be going some place where it's so hot. He hates the heat and it hates him! I think he'll be ok though; sun block 3000, posh hat that starts at the top of his head and goes down to his knees (I have photgraphic proof that I am prepared to display or not if the price is right!!!!) and several cotton shirts that are not black (anyone who knows James more than a bit will know him as the "Man in Black"!) Happy holiday and good diving, my laddo!

What else of import? Misty has returned to the States. I haven't seen a great deal of her for a while but, knowing she was only "up the road a piece" made it seem like she was close by. Being across the "Pond" makes her a muhillion miles away and I miss her.  It was just the best to see her before she left for home. Made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Love to my second daughter. xx

I hear that Pam has been unwell and I send my love and God Bless to her. xx  Love to Dillard, Wesley and Rachel too. xxxx

How are you Tater? Come back with some news won't you? I love to read you. xx

How's my Sweetie? All your trials over? Eyes and ankles ok now? Take care you xx

Hello Princess. How's the move going? Love and huggles to Ella. xx Did you get my card Ella? I hope so.

Where are you "sweet child of mine?"  Talk to me please.

I am extremely well. BP below 120/75 on a regular basis. (Goodness knows what it would be if Doctor was taking it!!!!!!) My weight is often below 10 stone these days.Crumbs!! I was in my teens when I last weighed less that 10 stones. The difference being; as a teenager I was a trim looking 140 lbs, today most of my weight is hanging on my tummy. Not a pretty sight I can tell you.

Well. I said I'd bore you didn't I? But I made an effort to update so please forgive me?

I'll try to post regularly in future so as I won't ramble on so much.

Take care all you Ljayers! Love and God Bless to you all. xx
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